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Connect Groups (Sunday School) Curriculum

Faith Weaver— The Bible has us talk about our faith at all times, and calls on parents to teach God's Word to their children. Parents can now use connect groups to spark meaningful conversations on the way home from church and during the week with FaithWeaver Bible study curriculum. Through an age-graded format, each family member focuses on the same weekly Bible truth, uniting families as they talk about their faith. More information is available at: www.faithweaver.com

Student Ministry
Student Life Bible Study — is a six year curriculum that equips students to know the truth. This internet based curriculum is based on foundational doctrinal truths and a six year cycle that leads students through the entire Bible twice. Six units include: Christ, Character, Community, Covenant, Consecration, Commission. More information is available at: www.studentlifebiblestudy.com

Adult Ministry
Several Options are available in Adult SS:

Explore the Bible (ETB) — a systematic and comprehensive study of both the New and Old Testaments. This material is clearly written and gives a thorough exposition of Bible passages. Adults studying this material will experience the Christian faith by exploring the Scripture and then applying it to their everyday lives.

Life Bible Study (LBS) — Life Bible Study provides biblically-based, adult curricula that is simple to use and available in different study lengths. Life Bible Study offers real, applicable life lessons and explorations into God’s Word that will make discovering God’s promises a reality. This year we are in a 48 week study called EKKLESIA: The Unstoppable Movement of God. The study will reveal the construction of the New Testament church from its commission in the early chapters of Acts to the spread of local bodies around the world. More information is available at: www.lifebiblestudy.com.

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